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Patient Participation Group

Your link to improving your medical services

What is a Patient Participation Group?

The surgery has an active Patients Participation Group (PPG). It is a direct link between you (the patient) and the medical services provided by the practice. The group provide a forum for patients to contribute to the decision making and service development within the surgery.  

What is a Virtual Patient Participation Group?

This is a group which has been set up in response to patients who have said they would like to be involved in a Patient Group but are unable to attend meetings.  As a member of the Virtual Patient Participation Group we will send you emails asking for your opinion on a range of topics.  You decide how often and when you would like to answer. 

To join either our Patient Participation Group or our 'Virtual' Patient Participation Group, please complete PPG Sign Up Form and return it to a member of our Reception Team at the Surgery.


What does the PPG do?

It will act on your behalf to:

- Contribute to the improvement of services

- Improve communication between the practice and patients

- Provide practice support for change

- Organise 'awareness' days for patients on specific problems, eg obesity, men's health, women's health, carers' support, etc.

What it is not:

- A forum for individual disagreements between you and the practice

- A Doctor's fan club

- A burden to Practice staff



PPG Constitution

PPG Aims and Objectives

PPG Members

Your PPG members are fellow patients and are listed below.

Margaret Norris (Chair), Barbara Haigh (Treasurer & Secretary), Carole ArmitageChris Acomb, Ann BaconAlan Davies, Emma Roberts, Shirley Twigg, Vicki Wells, James Bloomer, Rachael Sharples, Carole Sloan, Glen Milne, Mick Baines and Anne Eady.

Young or old, it’s your Medical Centre so have your say...

If you have any suggestions on improving services at Addingham Medical Centre or any other issues you wish discussed then please contact us via email:

If you wish to help with the Patients Participation Group for the Addingham Medical Centre, please feel free to contact us via the email address.

All information submitted to the group is held in the strictest confidence. Public rights of confidentiality will be adhered to with every enquiry. All enquiries will be considered and outcomes of suggestions will be notified on a regular basis.

Notifications of meetings of the PPG will also be notified to the community.

Minutes of meetings



PPG Minutes 22 July 2019

PPG Minutes 8 April 2019


PPG Minutes 21 January 2019

PPG Minutes 15 October 2018

PPG Minutes 16 July 2018

PPG Minutes 16 April 2018


PPG Minutes 22 January 2018 

PPG Minutes 16 October 2017

PPG Minutes 31 July 2017

PPG Mintues 24 April 2017

2016 - 17


PPG Minutes 23 January 2017 

PPG Minutes 10 October 2016

PPG Minutes 11 July 2016 and Q&A session with IMMP - 11 July 2016

PPG Minutes 18 April 2016



PPG Minutes 26 January 2016

PPG Minutes 19 October 2015

PPG Minutes 20 July 2015

PPG Minutes 13 April 2015


PPG Minutes 12 January 2015

PPG Minutes 15 September 2014

PPG Minutes 12 May 2014



PPG Minutes 10 February 2014

PPG Minutes 13 January 2014

PPG Minutes 25 November 2013

PPG Minutes 30 September 2013

PPG Minutes 22 July 2013

PPG Minutes 20 May 2013

PPG Minutes 29 April 2013



PPG Minutes 11 February 2013

PPG Minutes 14 January 2013

PPG Minutes 22 October 2012

PPG Minutes 17 September 2012

PPG Minutes 23rd July 2012

PPG Minutes 25th June 2012

PPG Minutes 28th May 2012

PPG Minutes 16th Apr 2012



PPG Minutes 12th Mar 2012

PPG Minutes 16th Jan 2012

PPG Minutes 5th Dec 2011


Patient Participation Reports



Addingham PPG and Addingham Medical Centre produced a patient survey, the results of which are shown below.  

AMC PPG Survey 2015-16


As a result of the survey the PPG and Addingham Medical Centre developed an action plan and implemented improvements as detailed below. 

2015-16 Addingham PPG Action Plan





The surgery is now open:

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Saturday and Sunday:
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Extended Access: we now offer evening pre-bookable appointments Monday to Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings for those working away or who find it difficult to attend during the day. Please book these appointments via our receptionists.